45th Parallel South (New Zealand)
45th Parallel South (New Zealand)

First, I love what I do. Full-stop, No caveats.

My professional life revolves around SQL Server. Working with SQL databases, automating processes (using PowerShell), and managing virtual and physical environments. This is some of the coolest technology I’ve found, and I get paid to play err… work with it.

A half-step away from work is the SQL Server Community (#sqlfamily). Here I get to learn about SQL from some of the most knowledgable pros in the business. I also get to give back to the community through helping run our local Users Group, along with giving presentations on SQL at other regional group meetings and SQLSaturday events.

And then there’s photography… The world is full of amazing sights. So when I leave the SQL realm, I like to travel and experience the world through the lens of my camera.

So that’s what this site is about: SQL Server, PowerShell, and (outdoor/travel) Photography.